December 10, 2009

Cocoa Girl

There is a cute little coffee shop here in West Lafayette that I loved the first time I stepped into it. This is a painting I did of that coffee shop and a sweet girl I met here.

November 5, 2009

Blue Chair Final again

It is only my stupid perfectionist self that pushes me to post yet another photo of this painting, but the last one was a little blurry. I'm still learning to use my camera.

November 4, 2009

Final Blue Chair Painting

Here's the finished painting.

October 15, 2009


I hardly ever do this, but this is a painting that I started about two years ago and never finished. Phil kept telling me I needed to finish it, so I finally did. It turned out to be the perfect trade for a bunch of haircuts and now hangs in B Space Salon in Salt Lake.


This is a painting I worked on a few months ago. I don't paint children very often, so it was a little challenging, but I think it came together well.

October 4, 2009

Blue Chair Natalie

This is the painting I'm currently working on. I thought I'd post the progression of the piece.

Lafayette Gallery Walk

So we just moved to Lafayette, IN and I'm trying to get involved with the art community here. I put a piece in the gallery walk in downtown Lafayette, and Phil was able to take some pictures of it hanging up. A cute little girl saw what he was up to, and voluntarily added herself to the photo.

June 12, 2009

Shoulda' Been a Cowboy

This painting was fun. I don't usually paint western scenes, but my Uncle Alan wanted a cowboy portrait of himself. He titled it "Shoulda' Been a Cowboy." It has taken me a few months to post it, but better late than never I guess.

February 14, 2009

Pregnant Rosie

Rosie is an amazing model. Even when she is 9 months pregnant, she looks beautiful. I finished this painting the day she gave birth to her beautiful baby Hazel.

January 27, 2009

Mama Mamba

This is a small painting I did for my husband Phil. It goes along with a story that he wrote about a snake family. Hopefully we can make it into a childrens book sometime. This is the mother snake named Mama Mamba Sassyserpent.


I drew this picture for my older sister. It is her darling baby whom we call Spike.

January 20, 2009

My Apartment

When Phil and I moved back to Provo, we moved into a funny little apartment which had its fridge located in the family room, so this is a painting of the lovely fridge. I really enjoyed doing it.