October 15, 2009


I hardly ever do this, but this is a painting that I started about two years ago and never finished. Phil kept telling me I needed to finish it, so I finally did. It turned out to be the perfect trade for a bunch of haircuts and now hangs in B Space Salon in Salt Lake.


This is a painting I worked on a few months ago. I don't paint children very often, so it was a little challenging, but I think it came together well.

October 4, 2009

Blue Chair Natalie

This is the painting I'm currently working on. I thought I'd post the progression of the piece.

Lafayette Gallery Walk

So we just moved to Lafayette, IN and I'm trying to get involved with the art community here. I put a piece in the gallery walk in downtown Lafayette, and Phil was able to take some pictures of it hanging up. A cute little girl saw what he was up to, and voluntarily added herself to the photo.