February 19, 2010

Figure Drawing

It's been awhile since I attended a figure drawing session, but I've finally found one that I can start going to regularly on Purdue's campus.  This is a first attempt at something I used to do nearly every day in school, and although it's not amazing for a twenty minute pose, it felt good and I am excited to continue to do this as often as possible.


Yvonne said...

It's always fun to see your posts. What an artist! I miss seeing my girls!

Love Mama Smith

Houston Trueblood said...

Megan and I gotta start going to figure drawing, too! But it's s'dang expensive! Shucks. Nice work though!

Tiffany Alldredge Smith said...

Ok - I just found your blog - It's BEAUTIFUL!!! You are so amazingly talented!! Do you take commissions? If so...what do you charge? I've always wanted a family portrait done...and honestly you're the first artist I've run across who's portraits are in a style I absolutly LOVE!! Since we're graduating soon - we might possibly afford to get one done. Let me know (This is Tiffany Smith btw - in case you didn't know)